I have my folks to thank for my affinity with visual language and story telling.

As kids my sister and I were always around film sets, in edit suites and art making spaces. As I watched my sharp TV producer/director father and passionate artist mother work their worlds’ informed mine.

But it wasn’t until my late twenties, after stints in fashion, food and frivolity that I found my image-making groove. 

I got serious about shooting stills while finishing my journalism/sociology degree in the US - I was hooked.

And upon returning home I scored a staff position as (the first female) news photographer at Hobart’s metropolitan daily newspaper - The Mercury. It was 2005. I learnt on the job - my motto became ‘tight, light and bright'. 

I've flown over burning Tasmanian wilderness, jogged with an Australian Prime Minister, swung from the mast of a 40 ft racing yacht and captured countless amazing people with incredible stories to tell and my news work was published Australia-wide. 

But there was something missing. I bought a one-way ticket to Europe and set off to find meaning, and my voice, as an image maker.

8 years, many countries and 1 new human later I returned to my professional practice with renewed verve and a much stronger sense of why I do what I do.

And these days I create in a different way - my process is thoughtful, conceptual and deliberate. I’m entranced with shape, form and contrast. I play with light and shadow, colour and texture, stillness and motion. My work is graphic, bold and emotional. I want to make you feel something.

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