Growing up in a creative household in Tasmania, with a producer/director father and a mother who was an artist, much of Amy’s childhood was spent on film sets and in edit suites and art studios. In these environments her affinity for visual language and storytelling was set in motion.

In her 16 year creative career, Amy has been afforded many extraordinary experiences, and met fascinating people. She has flown over burning Tasmanian wilderness, jogged with an Australian Prime Minister, swung from the mast of a 40 ft racing yacht in Sydney Harbour and taken portraits of creative provocateur and First Lady of MONA, Kirsha Kaechele.

Amy is interested in long form projects that explore human experience in the contemporary world.  Always seeking to inspire and inform, she loves exploring innovative artistic processes to tell stories. 

An empathic, curious, and engaged artist, Amy genuinely connects with people - enabling her subjects to relax with the camera.  In collaborations this genuine approach translates to an imaginative, wholly invested, and communicative partnership with her clients, all driven by Amy’s devotion to delivering a polished, creative, and gratifying outcome.

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